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Yahoo mail is an email service launched by Yahoo in 1997. Yahoo mail has crossed about 280 million users in December 2011. Today Yahoo is one of the most top email services. Yahoo provides various plans i.e. Basic, Plus and Ad-Free for personal use and another for business use. Dial Yahoo Mail Support Number USA for getting more details about Yahoo mail plans.

Yahoo is a very handy email service but a user may get some issues from time to time. If you get any query at any frame of time, you can easily get the support from our Yahoo help support team.

Dial Yahoo Mail Phone Number Support and get reliable help from our professionals:

Email accounts are very important for everyone. A person needs his email account for numbers of different work. But if a person gets any issues with his email account, that can be very troublesome. For solving your issues related to your email, we are providing you best help support just by dialing Yahoo Mail Support Phone Number USA. We have a team of professional technicians who are working in this field for years and have good experience in solving issues related to Yahoo email.

Merits of dialing Yahoo Mail Support Phone Number:

  • 99% customer satisfaction solutions on your very first call
  • Reliable help from professionals
  • Quick and cost-effective help
  • Suggestions and detailed information
  • 24*7 online help services

Common issues with Yahoo which can be easily resolved by dialing Yahoo Mail Customer Support Phone Number:

  • Unable to change my Yahoo password: Changing passwords from time to time is a good practice for security reasons. Always choose a good password which is strong enough that nobody can get it by guessing. For achieving a strong password, use an alpha-numeric password with some special characters. Criminal minds are using new techniques for hacking your password. Changing password regularly reduce the chance of hacking. Never choose simple passwords such as name, date of birth, phone number, address, or anything which is related to you. Make a good password and protect your Yahoo mail from hacking. Here are the steps for changing a password in Yahoo mail:
  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to official website of Yahoo
  • Log-in your Yahoo mail
  1. Go to Personal info button
  2. Click on the account security option
  3. Go to Change my Yahoo password button
  • Insert the new password
  • Insert the password twice for confirmation measure
  1. Click on Continue button
  2. Your password has been updated now
  3. Logout and open your Yahoo mail with your new password, if you can’t able to open it from your new password, contact Technical Support for Yahoo Mail Phone Number and ask for the reliable help.
  • Yahoo mail error 999: If you are seeking issues even when you are inserting correct credentials, it means you are facing Yahoo error 999. Follow the steps mentioned below for solving Yahoo error message 999:
  1. Open your Yahoo mail account on some other device
  2. If you are able to open your account in another device, it means you have an issue with your web-browser
  • Open your web-browser
  1. Enable cookies
  2. Install a Yahoo supported web browser
  3. Scan your device with good security software
  • Restart your device
  • Now, try to open your Yahoo mail again. If you are still facing errors while opening the Yahoo mail, Yahoo Mail Support Contact Phone Number for help.
  • Forget my password issue: Changing password after a period of time is good but remembering password is itself a difficult task. If you forget your Yahoo password and unable to retrieve it, follow the steps mentioned below:

Recovering your Yahoo password via security question

  1. Insert your Yahoo email address
  2. Click on next button
  • You will get some captcha on your screen, enter the captcha correctly
  1. Type the correct answer to the given security question
  2. Now you can easily change your password

Recovering Yahoo password with email addresses or phone number:

  1. Go to your Yahoo page
  2. Click on Forget my Yahoo password button
  • Choose I have a problem with my password button option
  1. Insert your Yahoo email address
  2. Press the Next button
  3. You will see your phone number or email address in your desktop
  • Click on Yes dialog button
  • Click on Next button
  1. You will receive a code on your provided email account or phone number
  2. Insert the code which you have received
  3. Enter your new password

But if you are still unable to recover your password, contact Yahoo Email Support Phone Number and get the step by step guidance.

  • Yahoo error 1242: Corrupted windows files or broken register files can lead to Yahoo error 1242. You can solve this error by following the steps mentioned below:
  1. Open your device with administrator authority
  2. Go to your Start menu
  • Open your Program files
  1. Click on System restore
  2. Select My computer
  3. Go to the list
  • Choose Restore point list

Restart your device and open your mail again. If you are still facing the same error, contact Yahoo Mail Phone Number Support and get the expert’s guidance.

Why go for Yahoo Mail Phone Number for Tech Support over other support services?

Yahoo mail is an essential email account for work as well as for personal use. But if you find trouble with it, it can cause a lot of damage. Let’s support, you have to send a mail urgently at midnight but you forget your password. At that time, you can dial our Yahoo Mail Support Phone Number and get reliable help support for recovering your password. Our team will provide you quick solutions which can save your time as well as money.

How to contact Yahoo Mail Tech Support Phone Number?

You can contact our Yahoo Support team from various platforms:

Support via phone call: Dial Yahoo Mail Customer Support Phone Number and your call will be directly answered by our technical executives.

Support via live chat: We are aware that many customers feel uncomfortable with the telephonic conversation, for those customers we are offering you online Chat Support for Yahoo mail.