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Microsoft Edge is a browser which is developed by Microsoft in March, 2015. Microsoft Edge comes as a default web browser in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Xbox One devices by replacing Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge was designed with EdgeHTML browser engine initially, but now it is rebuilt as Chromium-based browser. Edge web browser comes with many new features; if you need any kind of assistance for Microsoft Edge you can dial Microsoft Edge Customer Support for help.

One of the most advanced features of Edge is Cortana.  Cortana is your digital assistance which helps you to create reminders, quickly searches your files, and changes the settings. It also keeps you informed with all new things and news. Due to advance services of Cortana, a user may get many types of issues while using it. If you need any kind of help support while using Cortana, you can easily contact Microsoft Edge Support and get reliable solutions.

Dial Microsoft Edge Phone Number and get the professional help

Other than Cortana, Microsoft Edge provides you many other top features such as reading mode, scribbling over the webpage, touchscreen gesture, snoozing tabs for later use, and personalized content. Advanced features provide you help to complete your task quickly but at the same time, you can also face some issues due to change in settings etc. If you get any type of error when using Microsoft Edge in your device, you can easily get the help by our professional team which is always ready to provide reliable solutions of your glitches. You can talk to our team by dialing Microsoft Edge Customer Service Number.

Advantages of contacting Microsoft Edge Support Number

  • 99% customer satisfaction solutions of the very first call
  • Quick and reliable solutions
  • Suggestion and details about your Edge
  • 24*7 online help services
  • Cost-effective solutions of every glitch

Common issues while using Microsoft Edge which can be resolved by contacting Microsoft Edge Customer Service

  • Unable to download and install Microsoft Edge: Microsoft edge is a default web browser for Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile, and Xbox One devices but if you want to use Microsoft Edge on another platform then you have to download the copy of the Microsoft Edge setup in your device. While downloading the Edge setup, make sure to check the device compatibility and your internet connection. Always download Edge under a smooth internet connection. If you are facing other types of glitches while installing Edge dial Microsoft Edge Phone Number and get support from our professionals.
  • The password is not working on Microsoft Edge: While working Microsoft Edge, sometimes when you are logging into any website, the Edge is cutting you out. This error usually occurs due to excess cache and cookies. You can follow the steps mentioned below for solving this type of error.
  1. Clear your cookies and cache
  2. Go to “…”
  3. Open settings
  4. Tap on Clear browser data
  5. Select the Choose what you want to clear button
  6. Remove all your cache and cookies from your Edge browser
  7. Now reload your Microsoft Edge
  8. Error in logging in also occurs due to your recent downloads. Run the Windows app troubleshooter and check your report. If you see an application which may create the error uninstall it quickly. After following these techniques, if you are still facing the password error then contacting Microsoft Edge Customer Support will be the best option for you.
  • Speed issues while using Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is known for its good browsing speed. But if you are having speed issues while using Microsoft Edge, check your space. Speed issues occur when your device is running on low free space. You can get low speed when one of your pages is taking a large amount of RAM. Close all the tabs and restart your Edge browser. Follow the given steps for fixing the speed issue:
  1. Click on “…”
  2. Go to InPrivate browsing windows
  3. Remove all your cookies, cache and history from your Edge browser
  4. Delete the temporary files from the device
  5. Restart your system
  6. If you are still getting the speed error, Microsoft Edge Support can provide you the guidelines for speeding up the browser.
  • Pages are showing “Have a problem”: Check your internet connection, if your internet is working fine but you are pages are not loading, it means your Edge in working correctly. Here are the steps for clearing the Edge browser:
  1. Tap on “…”
  2. Open settings
  3. Tap on view advanced settings
  4. Click on “choose what to clear”
  5. Choose cache, cookies, and history
  6. Restart your device
  7. If you still facing the same error, dialing Microsoft Edge Phone Number will be helpful.
  • Edge is stuck in an infinite loop: Use Windows 10’s System File Checker for solving this error. Follow the steps for resolving this error:
  1. Right-click on Start button
  2. Hold the Windows key and X simultaneously
  3. Windows PowerShell will appear in your screen
  4. Enter sfc/scannow in the prompt
  5. Press the Enter button
  6. This will scan your whole device and monitors the files which may create the error. But if you are still unable to solve the loop, dial Microsoft Edge Customer Service Number for help.

Why dial Microsoft Edge Customer Service Number over service center?

Microsoft Edge Support Number is providing you reliable help support from expert technicians which are round the clock available for your help. Say you are facing any issue while working on your web browser late night. For solving your glitches, you can go to a service center or contact our Microsoft Edge Customer Service. Service centers are time-bound so can’t provide you help 24*7. But our help services are always available for resolving your queries.

How to contact Microsoft Edge Customer Support?

You can contact your Microsoft Edge support team from various platforms:

  • Support via Phone number: Dial Microsoft Edge Support Number and your call will be answered by our technical executives.
  • Support via online chat: If you feel uncomfortable with telephonic help, quote your queries and get the step by step guidelines of your glitch.