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Dropbox Customer Service Phone Number (1-844-281-7680)

Dropbox is a US-based company headquartered in California which provides file hosting service. Dropbox offer services like data storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, etc to millions of customers. It creates a folder in your device and the content stored in this folder is gets transferred to the Dropbox’s server and the drive where the customer has installed his Dropbox. Dropbox provides free account space to the primary and paid customers; it also keeps your all files updated. If you go for the pro plan, you will get more storage space. You can contact Dropbox Customer Support Number and get more details about the various plans of Dropbox.

Dial Dropbox Phone Number for professional help:

Dropbox provides various services for keeping the user’s data secure. But sometimes a user can get into queries while using Dropbox. You don’t have to panic; you can easily troubleshoot all the errors by dialing Dropbox Phone Number for Help. Your call will be assisted by our technical expert who can easily fix your all queries related Dropbox.

 Leading features of Dropbox:

Easy file sharing: Dropbox provides a good platform for sharing files and pictures. For sharing the file, you just have to right-click on that particular file and then enter the email address with whom you want to share your file. The recipient should have the pro for opening the files; this feature helps to keep your data secure from the hackers.

You can use Dropbox offline: The best part about the Dropbox is that it can give you the facility to access the file even when you are offline.

Cost-effective service: The basic plan of Dropbox is totally free for all customers. The basic plan comes with 2GB free memory. If you need extra memory space you can easily go for other plans. Dropbox Tech Support Number can help you in guiding about various Dropbox plans.

Easy interface: You can easily access your data from any device. You just have to store the data on your computer then you can easily open that data later on your other devices such as PDAs, tablets, etc.

Data Security: Security is a necessary concern when we talk about data sharing. Dropbox provides a secure platform for sharing the data.

Data backup: In Dropbox, you can also see your deleted files. Losing the files or data can you huge damage but if you are using Dropbox for storing the data; you can easily get backup of all those files.

Technical issues in Dropbox which can easily fix by dialing Dropbox Support Phone Number:

Here are some common issues with Dropbox which are faced by many Dropbox customers:

  • How to set up my Dropbox?
  • How to recover my deleted files and folders?
  • How to setup Dropbox synchronization?
  • How to set two-step verification?

Along with the queries mentioned above, a Dropbox user can get many other issues; Dropbox Support Number is providing you a technical team for help. Our Dropbox help team members have years of experience and can easily troubleshoot all the queries quickly.

How to reset password in Dropbox?

While using any account, forgetting password is the most common type of error which is faced by almost everyone. Dropbox Business Support Phone Number can provide you various methods for changing the password. We are providing you the basic steps for changing your password:

  1. Go to the Dropbox on your device
  2. Tap on the globe icon
  3. It will redirect you to Dropbox.com
  4. Insert your name on the top of the screen
  5. Go to the settings option
  6. Click on the security tab
  7. Tap the Change Password button
  8. Enter the email address from which you created your account
  9. Go to your email inbox
  10. Click on the link you received in your email for resetting the password.

If you are still unable to change the password of your Dropbox, Dropbox Phone Number Billing can help you for fixing your error.

How to sync my Dropbox?

Sometimes, if the file source gets change then it becomes difficult to access the data on other devices. Dropbox Phone Number for Support can provide you reliable guidelines for solving sync related errors.

How to recover my deleted files and folders?

Many times while using or uploading the files in Dropbox, a user can unintentionally delete the files from the Dropbox. Dropbox Phone Number Customer Service can help you in restoring all your files in Dropbox. You can easily restore your files from Dropbox which prevent you from any kind of loss in your work.

How to set two-step verification on Outlook?

Outlook provides good safety to your data which keep your data secure from all kinds of threat. One of the safety techniques in Outlook is two-step verification. Dropbox Business Contact Phone Number can help you in setting two-step verification for Outlook. Here are the basic steps for enabling two-step verification:

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Go to Dropbox.com
  3. The official login page will appear on your screen
  4. Go to the two-step verification tab
  5. Click on enable tab
  6. Type your primary and backup number
  7. You will get a call or message from Dropbox server for verifying your number.
  8. Once verified, you can use two-step verification in your Dropbox.

Why should you choose Phone Number for Dropbox Customer Service?

Dropbox is very essential storage for everyone. Any kind of glitch in Dropbox can lead to a huge loss. So, it’s better to solve all kinds of issues quickly before it gets you into other issues. Dropbox Customer Service Phone Number Billing provides you best help support for all kinds of errors related to your Dropbox. Phone Number for Dropbox Billing will provide solutions in a very friendly manner which saves your time and money.

How to contact Dropbox Phone Number Billing?

You can use various platforms for connecting our technical team:

You can dial Dropbox Pro Phone Number and your call will be assisted by our technical executives.

You can also use our live chat portal for Dropbox support.